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Are Your Trees Sick? 4 Reasons You Should Call A Professional Tree Service

Young trees outside of a log home

Spring should have your trees blooming and sprouting new leaves, but sometimes that isn’t the case. Sick trees can occur from time to time on your property. You cannot wait for the tree to heal itself when this happens, as most sick trees need help from a tree service. Below, Low Stump Tree Service will help you better understand when a tree is sick.

Insect Infestation

Insects are around your plants and trees on a regular basis, but it becomes a problem when insects infest your tree. An insect infestation can destroy your tree, killing it slowly. Luckily, insect infestations can be eliminated, and your tree can be nursed back to health. It is important to call a tree service for insect infestation, as certain sprays are needed for different types of insects. You also never want to risk killing your tree by applying the wrong thing.


Trees, just like people, are prone to diseases. Trees can suffer from a variety of illnesses that can cause holes, cracks, dead limbs, and missing bark. If you notice any of these problems, contact your local tree service for a tree inspection. Most times, your tree can be saved with the proper treatment. If it is too late, a tree service will need to remove the tree before it becomes a safety hazard.


If you are noticing that your tree doesn’t look healthy, it could be from overcrowding. If you see leaves and limbs that are dying, it is most likely from lack of pruning. Pruning trees is a crucial part of tree care, as it allows air, water, and sun to circulate throughout the tree. If overcrowding occurs, your tree’s limbs will begin to die.

Lack Of Nutrients

Trees need nutrients just like people need vitamins. If your tree isn’t looking its best, it could be from a lack of nutrients. Trees need nutrients based on their tree type and location. Contacting a tree service for help is best, as the wrong nutrient could kill your beautiful trees.

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