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Tree Damages From Ice And Snow Can Be Dangerous!

Tree branch broken under the weight of snow

The snow has begun to fall and accumulate around Park City and is a delight for many! We all enjoy a beautiful snowfall and the picture-perfect look it gives our homes. While the snow is beautiful, it can be dangerous for the trees on your property. Snow and ice can accumulate on the branches of your trees, and the extra weight can be hazardous.

Broken Limbs

Broken limbs are very common from the extra weight of the snow and ice. Broken limbs usually happen because the tree limbs are already damaged or unhealthy. Now would be the ideal time if you have not had your trees pruned. It is best to prune your trees before any heavy snow occurs. Low Stump Tree Service can inspect your trees and prune the branches to ensure they are safe for the Winter snow ahead.

Snow and Ice Accumulation

Trees look beautiful when they have snow and ice on them. It is best to appreciate your trees from afar, as snow and ice can slip off of the branches and cause injury. It is also a good idea to never park your car beneath snow or ice-covered tree. It can cause extensive damages to your vehicle.

Dying Trees

If you have unhealthy or dying trees on your property, the extra weight from the snow and ice could cause them to fall. This can be extremely dangerous, especially if the tree is close to your home. You never want a tree to fall on your home or vehicle. It not only will damage your property but could also cause physical injury.

If you have any tree issues arise this Winter, contact your local tree service for assistance. Never attempt to remove snow and ice or cut down a tree. Professionals have the right equipment and are trained to prune and cut down trees in all types of weather.

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