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Spring Tree Maintenance – The Importance

Tree in the front yard of a home

The warmer weather is a signal that spring is almost here. Trees have a lot of traumas over the winter months and require special attention as the weather warms. If you have trees on your property, it is crucial to hire a tree care service to perform maintenance on your trees. Below, we will discuss a few care tips that should be completed at the start of spring.

Tree Inspections

As the snow begins to melt, damages can be unearthed. A thorough tree inspection should be completed at the start of spring. During a tree inspection, your tree care specialist will check your trees for any damages as well as any bug infestations or diseases. If a tree is severely damaged, it may need to be removed from the property. If the tree has an insect infestation or disease, your tree care specialist can treat your trees, ensuring they continue to grow.

Pruning Services

Pruning should be completed during spring maintenance. Proper pruning will remove any dead or damaged limbs, allowing for new growth. It is also important to prune trees as they can become a safety hazard during severe weather or high winds.


Mulching is an important part of healthy trees and shrubs. Mulch that has been placed correctly provides a safety blanket for the roots of your tree. It controls weeds from growing, as well as conserves soil moisture.

Tree Fertilization

Tree fertilization is a delicate process and, if not completed the right way, can cause severe damages to your trees, which could result in branch and possible tree death. Always leave fertilization to the professionals, as different fertilizers and amounts are used for other trees and environments.
As you can see, trees need tender loving care at the start of spring. This is a transition period for your trees, as they begin to flourish after a harsh winter. Let Low Stump Tree Service provide you with all your tree care needs this spring.

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