How to manage Ips Beetles in Park City

Ips Hunteri (Blue Spruce) and others

Species: Spruce, Pine


Ips beetles are a family of bark beetles known as “engraver” beetles. The ips beetle spends the winter in the duff at the base of the tree. The beetles emerge in the spring before attacking the tree in the spring. Ips beetles tend to attack pre-weakened trees, including those affected by drought or construction damage. Damage from the Ips beetle is visible on the top 1/3 to ½ of the tree.


Most trees can fend off attack from Ips beetles with natural defenses. Measures to increase vigor include: decrease competition (conflicting trees and mulching base), Increase vigor (compost application, fertilization, proper watering). Cambistat applications could be considered for increased vigor. Preventative applications of permethrin on high value trees should be considered. Trunk spray application.


Apply Spray Annually

$8/inch trunk diameter.