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Fall Maintenance Tips For Your Trees!

Tree in front lawn shedding leaves in the autumn

Fall has officially arrived, and now is the perfect time for certain types of tree maintenance. Tree service professionals work year-round, contrary to the popular belief that tree care is only needed during warmer months. Below, Low Stump Tree Service will discuss some fall maintenance tips to ensure your trees remain healthy and continue to flourish.

Remove Fallen Leaves and Fertilize

It is essential to remove all fallen leaves from around your trees. Fallen leaves can cause diseases and insects to infest your trees. Fall is the best time to fertilize your trees. Fertilizer not only keeps your trees healthy but also protects the trees from damage during the winter.

Tree Inspections

Tree inspections are best completed during the fall months. As leaves fall, it is easier to see any structural damages or diseased areas.


Mulch is a must during the fall. Mulch protects the roots of your tree from the cold weather and helps soil to retain organic matter and moisture. Mulch must be positioned in a certain way to help the trees. If it isn’t, mulch can do more damage than good. Always contact your local arborist for tree services.

Treat For Insects

Different insects appear at different times of the year. Fall treatments for insects are a vital part of your fall maintenance. If your tree has insects, it can cause significant damages.

Prune Limbs

Pruning limbs should be done regularly, but fall pruning is important. When leaves have fallen, it makes it easier to spot damages, dead limbs, and diseased areas. Deadwood is a hazard to both people and property.

If you need any of the above services, contact your local tree service. They have the knowledge and equipment to provide you with the best tree services to ensure your trees remain healthy.

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