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Fall Fertilization for Trees – The Importance

Trees and Leaves in sun rays

Fall is right around the bend, and it is time to prepare your trees for the harsh winter ahead. One of the countless ways you can do this is through proper tree care and maintenance. At Low Stump Tree Service, our number one goal as an arborist is to create healthy trees. Fertilization of your properties trees is one of the most critical steps in ensuring your trees remain healthy.

Why Fall Fertilization?

If you are not highly knowledgeable about trees, it is easy to fertilize your trees at the wrong time and possibly with the wrong type of fertilizer. Not every tree is the same, and each tree should be treated individually. Fall is the ideal time to fertilize your trees. Fall is when trees are accustomed to receiving an influx of slow-release nutrients. Fertilizer helps trees to recover from their growing season and prepare for the next phase in their life.

The type of fertilizer used will vary, depending on the type of tree and the soil. Your certified arborist will know what type of fertilizer is best for your trees. Trees should be fertilized during the Fall if they are changing color too early in the year, have dying branches, or frail leaves during their growing season. The above problems are all indications that your tree is lacking important nutrients. A healthy tree will look vibrant without any branch or leaf problems.

Attempting to fertilize your own trees could result in damages to your tree. Too much or the wrong fertilizer can burn your tree, stunting its growth and possibly killing it. It is best to do your research and talk to a professional arborist about the health of your trees. During Fall fertilization, your arborist will help you with protecting your trees for the harsh Winter months ahead. You always want to ensure the roots of your tree are safe from the snow and ice!

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