White Pine Weevil (Tip Weevil)

Pissodes strobi

Species: Spruce, Pine


Adults spend the winter in the duff at the base of the tree. In spring time the adults crawl or fly to the terminal leader to mate and lay eggs. The eggs will hatch and the larvae will mature and feed on the inside of the tree. In August adults will emerge to feed on the outside of the tree before heading to the ground to seek winter shelter.


White Pine Weevil causes severe damage to trees. Girdling damage is caused to the inside of the terminal leader, causing tissue death beyond the injury site. Loss of apical dominance is experienced by the tree, resulting in multiple leaders growing from the injury site. New growth leads to bushy, stunted shape of tree and likely point of future failure due to codominant branch unions. Control is reached by soil injection of Xytect in the fall. Treatment effective for following growing season.


Apply Soil Injection Annually

$8/inch trunk dimeter.