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Winter Tree Survival and Safety

Snow covered woodland scene

Winter is in full force, and your trees could be suffering. A common misconception is that tree services do not provide any assistance during the winter. This is far from the truth. Trees become sick and damaged during the winter and can become a danger to you and your property. Low Stump Tree Service provides tree inspections, tree removal, and tree pruning during the winter months.

Are My Trees Dying?

During the winter, your trees are barren and may look sick, but your trees are fine in most cases. However, if you notice discoloration of the bark or low-hanging branches, it may be time to contact your local tree service for more answers. Low-hanging tree branches are not a sign of tree death, but they can be dangerous during winter. Snow and ice can become heavy, causing branches to droop. This can cause breakage. If your tree limbs start breaking, it can cause injury to you and your property.

Sick or dying trees are a hazard to your property. They not only can fall, but ill or dying trees are a fire hazard. It is best to contact a tree service, as they can inspect the trees and provide your trees with the proper love to heal and prosper. If the trees are dying, a tree service can safely remove the trees from your property. Never leave trees that may be sick or dying to themselves. A tree service can protect your trees, as well as heal sick trees. A healthy tree can help your property with shade, as well as protection.

Tree discoloration is often a sign of a sick tree. This can be from disease, insects, or the cold weather. A tree inspection can help save your trees; as long as they are not dying, most can be returned to their healthy state.

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