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Did the Heavy Snow This Season Cause Tree Damage?

Snow covered landscape with trees and homes

Heavy snowfall in Park City, UT, and the surrounding area during winter may have caused some damage to trees in the region. After a heavy snowfall, homeowners and business property owners must inspect their trees for any signs of weakened branches or broken limbs. Additionally, an accumulation of snow on the tree canopy could lead to added weight on weaker branches, causing them to break or become damaged.

If you think your trees may have been affected by the heavy snow this season, it is essential to contact a certified arborist as soon as possible. Here’s how these experts can help:

1) Tree Care

When winter comes around, it’s essential to take extra care of your trees to protect them against extreme weather conditions. Heavy snowfall can cause significant damage to trees if they are not given the proper attention and care to keep them healthy. You should be aware of the potential dangers that heavy snow may pose for your trees and take steps to minimize any potential damage.

2) Pruning & Trimming

Tree trimming and pruning before the onset of winter can help to prevent damage caused by snow buildup on branches, as this can cause them to break or become damaged. Take care not to prune off too much foliage, however, as this will leave your tree vulnerable to the effects of winter. Proper pruning and trimming can also help to maintain the shape and structure of your tree, making it more resistant to storm damage.

3) Tree Removal

A professional tree service can assist with removing trees that have already been damaged by snow and ice. If a limb or branch appears dead, broken, or irreparable, it is best to remove the entire tree for safety reasons. Experts use tools like chainsaws and cranes to remove trees efficiently and safely.

Call Low Stump Tree Service in Park City, UT, for the best residential and commercial tree care services. Their extensive experience and knowledge can help protect your trees against winter weather conditions and ensure they remain healthy for years. Schedule an appointment today!

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